Applying to GTFO

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Applying to GTFO

Post by Aphrodys on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:40 pm

About GTFO :

Guild was founded 22. April 2013

We are looking for mature, helpfull and friendly players who will enjoy gaming in a team play, who will fit in to our existing player base and have a laugh (drama queen's, social retards and selfish players DO NOT APPLY). Members must progress with skills/character or gear, must work as a team and actively PvP, of course we know real life is more important than game.

What we require of you:

  • Must be over 18
  • Must PVP regularly
  • Must have more than 45k power unbuffed for DPS / 40k power unbuffed for support class.
  • Must participate in guild (PVP/PK) events when online
  • Must be able to speak English

If you can answer Yes to all of the above, then please make an application by posting a new thread with ur name in subject and use the code bellow :

If you have any questions please contact Aphrodys, in game.


[b]Char Name[/b] :
[b]Class [/b]:
[b]Power [/b]:
[b]Current Level [/b]:
[b]Class Rank Number[/b] :
[b]Previous MMO Experience[/b] :
[b]Previous guild[/b] :
[b]Reasons for leaving Previous guild[/b] :
[b]Pets you have[/b] :
[b]Time Zone[/b] :
[b]Anything out you think is relevant[/b]
[b]is someone from GTFO sponsoring you? [/b]

[i]Also some personal details such as[/i]
[b]Country your from[/b] :
[b]Job [/b]:
[b]Hours you can play [/b]:


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