[Approved] Aphrodys (Exemple)

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[Approved] Aphrodys (Exemple)

Post by Aphrodys on Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:00 am

Char Name : Aphrodys
Class : Hrtc
Power : 89902 (no buff)
Current Level : 146
Class Rank Number : 3
Previous MMO Experience : DoMo, BOI, GW2, TSW
Previous guild : Bananas
Reasons for leaving Previous guild : Not feeling good inside (short answer)
Pets you have : Son of Menoz 5454 excited - Latamantis 4626 calm - Aquarius 3g calm (fuse) Athena int 5115 excited (building it for fuse) and some more xD
Time Zone : Gmt +1
Anything out you think is relevant nothing right now.
is someone from GTFO sponsoring you? nop.

Also some personal details such as
Age: 35 soon
Country your from : France, actually living in Sweden
Job : Secretary
Hours you can play : lil at morning, usually afternoon (after works) till 22h or so max during the week. More at week end.


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